“I was initially introduced to the concept of mindfulness in spring of 2016. I participated in two online wellness challenges hosted by Find Your Will Wellness & Counseling Solutions, LLC. The challenges were great in that they did not solely focus on healthy eating. The instructor (Miss Iris Mendez, MSW, LSW) was passionate about promoting not solely physical health but also mental and emotional health as well. I learned more about mindfulness from her and her courses. I also downloaded two amazing apps from the Apple store “Calm” and “Headspace”. These are great tools. I have found implementing mindfulness in my daily life or as often as I can to be highly effective. It always leaves me feeling so light, refreshed, free, and calm. Now I can even tell when I need to take a moment and I will say “I need more headspace” because I can literally feel the difference. My school gives us frequent breaks between/during classes. I tend to find a quiet place and use the “calm” app to practice mindfulness and give my brain a mental break. This has helped tremendously with stress and anxiety. So far, I have not found any negative effects from this coping method.-K. Prescott 2017 ”

“I would definitely recommend these services to others! It’s one thing to try to set goals for yourself but it’s so much more helpful to have someone else help you visualize what is attainable, and how to begin reaching those goals. It’s been about a month since my consultation with Coach Iris, and the amount of guidance she gave me was immeasurable. I never would have expected the great impact just one meeting would have on my success. After pinpointing changes I wanted to make within myself, FYWW helped me set goals and see what I needed to do to actually reach those goals. Coach Iris also gave me plenty of helpful information and ideas catered to my personal needs.”

— Tre H., 2017 Post-Wellness Consult

“Iris Mendez and her amazing programming with FIND YOUR WILL WELLNESS undoubtedly helped me change my life. The world is chaotic I debated with overall wellness of body, mind, and spirit for years before ultimately deciding that I had to take care of MYSELF first in order for things to make any sense. I bit the bullet as soon as 2016 arrived, and immediately joined into Iris’ “Holiday 3 Day Cleanse” program. The prepping for exercise and eating healthier was somewhat overwhelming, but Iris fosters such an enriching, encouraging, positive environment during her challenges that every struggle is deemed worthwhile. I’ve been consulting Iris and her FIND YOUR WILL WELLNESS ever since, and every program I’ve been involved in has exceeded my expectations on all accounts! I definitely recommend Iris as a Wellness Coach for anyone seeking guidance and council to do better for THEMSELVES. Thanks for helping me find my will in order to seek out my personal way to keep getting the job done!”

— Tanya Heath

“My journey to healthier me actually started with Iris herself. I am married to her sister and I seen Iris from the beginning take the journey for herself to a better healthier life. So essentially she was the blueprint for both myself and my wife (her sister). My wife wanted to feel better and look better earlier this year in February 2016. So she followed what coach and sister told her and in support I was changing my lifestyle as well. I started off eating better, and then from there started to work out. I love the changes in energy, looks and I how I felt. I fell in love with my new lifestyle. It gives me more confidence and empowers me to feel like I can do anything in this life. Also as an entrepreneur, I wanted to be better physically and mentally as it is tough being a business owner. So not only am I proud of both me and my wife and Iris, I’d like to thank my sis in law for creating the blueprint for me and my wife. I Embraced the Journey and have enjoyed what it has brought!!!”

— S. Coles

“I signed up with Iris after seeing information about the 3-day Refresh on her page. I joined the 21-Days of Wellness because I wanted to continue the success of the 12-Day Holiday Refresh. My goal from Day-1 was (and still is) all about health because it’s all about having quality of life.

For me, it has been about patience and consistency. Following what Iris prescribes will work if you give your body time to react to the change in food intake. Also, some physical activity needs to be incorporated at some point. Since December I’ve dropped 14.6 lbs. There are days with it goes up, and others when it goes down, but I don’t worry about that anymore as I can tell the difference in my energy level, and how my cloths now fit compared to 2 ½ months ago.

I can only attest on my experience and state that with patience and consistency, I will reach my goal by June. Also, I can sincerely convey that Iris is one very special lady, and I am thrilled to have connected with her. I only wish we lived closer so we could workout together.”


“I’m glad I met Iris, she helped me bring out of me something I had been wanting to do for a long time, which is start a healthier life style. If I tried it on my own I probably would of ended up eating junk and falling out of the flow of keeping up with healthy choices. With Iris as my coach and seeing other peoples progress it motivates me and inspired me to keep at it and commit to a healthier life style moving forward in life. ”

— 2016 #21dayswell Participant

“Iris is very knowledgeable and I would recommend her to veterans of fitness as well as new rookies like myself. I’ve known Iris for a long time now—Iris helps in every way she can, be it by sacrificing time away from her busy day to give me advice, or by providing easy examples to follow in order to start maintaining this healthy lifestyle.

— TH January 2016