Where to Fit Wear


Screenshot_2016-02-03-06-51-35-1Ladies, you’re working out and you feel sweat forming in areas you never thought possible.  It’s uncomfortable, wet, and distracting. You go to complete a simple jumping jack and you have to use one hand cause the other hand is busy holding your boobs in place. You constantly adjust your shirt, undershirts, pants, sports bra, and any other creative makeshift garment (i.e. doubled up tank tops/bras) made just to keep those bad boys in place and not have anything else fall out. Let’s face it, you most likely exerted more energy trying to tame your breast than in your actual workout. You were distracted, self-conscious, and quite frankly, over your workout before you could actually reach your target heart rate. What’s a gal to do?


Don’t worry, you’re not alone and there is a solution: Proper attire. Proper attire during workouts is essential to your progress-this goes for both men and women. I know, I know, workout clothes can be expensive but I assure you, if you catch a good sale and make the investment you will see better results and more importantly avoid causing injury especially to your back and chest areas by securing your boobies.  If you’re concerned about your breast being too big, just remember, you WILL go down in cup and band size if you continue on your healthy lifestyle journey.


Here are some of my tips on appropriate attire when working out.

  • Invest in headbands/sweatbands-keep your mane tamed!
  • Make sure your pants are tight fitting but not too tight-no camel toes please.
  • Make sure your pants are not too long or flare-y. (I made up a word there lol)
  • Wear appropriate sneakers based on your fitness regimen; there are different styles of sneakers for a reason-to support different types of workouts -a quick Google search can help you out here.
  • Don’t forget to tie your shoe laces appropriately
  • Deodorize-self explanatory
  • Make sure your shirt/top/sweatshirt are not too loose, long, or thick.
  • Wear true to size socks. Nothing annoys me more than a sock that has made its way past my heal and into my sneaker while I’m doing a burpee or wearing too thick of a sock while working out to the point where my toes can’t breathe.
  • leave the hats/caps -you can cause yourself to overheat especially if you are outdoors in the warm climate.
  • Undies-wear appropriate fitting panties- I have tried UnderArmor brand but they have not been true to size for me so I feel like a have dual wedgie lol. (sorry not sorry for the visual). I have also tried THINX brand panties which now has a sports edition. These panties you can wear while on your cycle and get this- no tampon or pad. Sounds gross I know, but it’s not it has microbial wicking formula so no smell, no wetness, and no “sitting in your own blood”. Check out their website for more details-trust me you’ll be mind blown. It’s the new smart panty and I can’t wait to try their sports line! http://www.shethinx.com/products/sport-panties


  • Lastly, wear a supportive bra!!!


First things first, know your proper cup and band size. Victoria Secret’s does free bra fittings- don’t worry it’s non-invasive and no, you do not need to take off your shirt, although I have my fair share of stories from my own experience of being a bra-specialist at Vicki’s at the Cherry Hill Mall back in my day, but I will spare you those deets. Go there, and ask for your complimentary bra fitting.


While you are there check out their relatively new VS sports bra line-(not the Pink section). I personally like the style and fit and how it doesn’t give you the uni-boob effect like most sports bras do. Some of their bras also have zippers or traditional bra snaps which are convenient when taking off. If you can catch a good sale, you can purchase 1 for just under $25. Try it out, let me know what you think.


Another one of my favorites is the Nike Pro Classic Dri-Fit line-I personally own 2 ; one in black and one in gray. I will say I go down in 1 size just to keep things tight and tit, I mean fit. 😉 I love how the sweat does not stick to me and wicks off of the cloth instead. It truly is a well, dry-fit. I usually can catch a good sale at Modell’s or find some deals at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s.


I also own a few Adidas Tech-Fit bra’s (about 3 of them)- they are not as tight fitting as the Nike one’s (even when going down in size) but I love the mesh cross back which allows for more breathing room. These also have the wicking formula so the sweat doesn’t show and I believe cools you down a bit more. If you take a look at their site, I notice they now have support levels for bra fittings which are helpful. Again, I usually catch a sale at the department stores listed above.


Trust me, I have purchased some off brands from Forman Mills or K-mart and they have not been as comfortable as these. As you can see in my photos below (cirque: 2011) I had invented ways to manage support.

In this first photo, I am actually wearing 1 off brand bra and I have another tank top over it which I tied tightly behind me. SMH! -not supportive.



Take a look at this photo below- I have about 3 different tops on in attempts to secure,  which clearly is not supporting me.


The brands mentioned above have proven their quality as I have owned them for a while. And even after PLENTY of washes-plenty, they still get the job done. Remember, you get what you pay for so treat yourself to some new workout clothes-that’s always a good motivator to get off your butt! Please comment and share! What are some of your favorite workout clothes, sports bras, and places to purchase these at?


(disclaimer: I do not work for any of these companies nor will I receive any compensation by reviewing or recommending them). 


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