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What are Beachbody at-home fitness programs?


Beachbody fitness programs are designed to help you obtain your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home by tested and proven results-driven workout routines which you can follow along with via DVD /or through Beachbody On Demand online streaming. Beachbody has programs for all fitness levels. I began my fitness journey in 2011 with a Beachbody at home fitness program which I will talk more about my experience below. Beachbody also offers various fitness and nutrition products to help aid your overall wellness goals.

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What is Shakeology?


Beachbody also has other products such as the famous nutrition dense shake-Shakeology which can be used as a meal/snack replacement and/or pre or post workout shake. If you’re tired of purchasing all your vitamins and produce and want to ensure you get your “daily dose of dense nutrition” check out Shakeology and the flavors offered or contact me regarding a sampler!  


I for one, would never promote Shakeology as a “weight-loss shake/supplement”, a “quick-fix”, and also would not promote it if I personally did not value, believe, or have benefitted from the product. I also wouldn’t promote it if it was not NATURAL! Feel free to do your own research on this product and its ingredients. If you are already using some form of “meal replacement”, as with anything you put into your body, I highly suggest you read ingredients and are well aware of its quality, I mean you are spending the money on it right?  I honestly wish I would have used Shakeology during the beginning of my personal health and wellness journey as I am positive it would have helped me maintain my results a lot sooner AND also give me the energy and nutrition I needed while in graduate school: working a full-time job, interning for 24 hours a week, taking 3 classes, completing school work, papers,  and juggling life, family, and friends. Shakeology would have been a great help. I personally love the taste of Shakeology (especially chocolate flavor) and I have experienced the following benefits from using it:

  • Increased energy
  • Curved cravings -especially for sweets
  • Regularity
  • Weight Management
  • Convenience -so easy to make
  • Increased nutrition to help fuel my day and workouts   

Check out these videos with more information on Shakeology

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What is 3-Day Refresh?


Another Beachbody product is 3-Day Refresh. 3 Day Refresh is a cleanse or what some people like to call a “detox”. But this isn’t like any other detox (some wellness professionals would argue that it isn’t a detox, but anywho). While 3 Day Refresh is a low-calorie based cleanse you are still adequately nourishing your body with vegan whole foods and natural nutrition while at the same time cleansing your body, boosting your metabolism, and fueling yourself. Let me say that again, 3 Day Refresh is a strict shake regimen cleanse WITH FOOD.



3 Day refresh comes with daily Shakeology servings which are a benefit for those of you wishing to sample that as well. The refresh is only 3 days and unlike most “detoxes” & cleanses, with 3 Day Refresh, you are not restricting yourself of solids. What I liked most about 3 Day Refresh is that it incorporated a recipe book, food list to choose from (fruits, veggies, and healthy fats), and a guide to tell you what you should eat as well as when to take your shakes (Shakeology, Fiber Sweep, and Vanilla Shake). I personally liked Shakeology (duh) and enjoyed the Vanilla Sweep which I often added one of the fruit choices to (blueberries). The Fiber Sweep, however, is somewhat of an acquired taste. Ok, I’ll keep it real, it’s gross lol BUT the packaging tells you to drink it immediately after making the shake (just add filtered water) or it will be more difficult to consume (it thickens)-so there are no surprises here. I chugged it down like a champ each time ha! 3 Day refresh also recommends you drink a substantial amount of filtered water and green tea over the course of the 3 days to help aid with cleansing; we all know -water and tea have many health benefits so increasing this is a plus. While completing the 3-Day Refresh it is recommended to do light (Yoga) to no workouts. I personally did not work out during my 3 Day Refresh this past January 2016.


Overall, I had a good experience with 3 Day Refresh and am looking forward to completing it again in the near future. (Contact me about my upcoming 12 Day Spring Cleaning Refresh challenge group -with 3-Day Refresh beginning March 20th-click the Challenges and Programs tab above for more info).

I personally decided to the cleanse after a fellow coach recommended it. I completed it post the holidays because of course, as we all know, it goes down in the Puerto Rican kitchen during the holiday season and it’s not always the healthiest options. I furthermore, decided to complete it because I had been on 3 vacations end of last year -Orlando, FL in September 2015, Toronto, Canada in late November 2015 -after Thanksgiving, and back to Orlando, FL for Disney in mid-December 2015. (Wanderlust in the making) Of course, I indulged- A LOT! Upon my return from Disney, I  indulged some mo’ due to the holidays. Although I remained disciplined with my fitness/nutrition (and completed a round of 21 Day Fix Extreme upon my return from Orlando the first trip-see review below) I still felt I needed to detox. Did I also mention I love craft beers and my birthday was on Thanksgiving so that’s, even more, cheat/treat meals/drinks! The Refresh was needed, to say the least.


I appreciated the 3 Day Refresh because I was able to prove to myself that I can be disciplined as I was not allowed to drink coffee (brutal), eat any simple carbs (the not so healthy kind), AND I couldn’t eat meat as the program is strictly fruits/veggies/healthy fats!! When I first began my fitness journey in 2011, I tried to give up meat for a few weeks however that did not work out for me. I didn’t make it past a day! With the 3 Day Refresh, I proved to myself that I was able to not consume meat for 3 days! In the end, I was very proud of myself. I also lost 2.5 pounds of holiday weight as a result and lost about 3 inches off my waist (all the beer and food binging from vacationing, birthday, and holidays). 3 Day Refresh got me and my challengers (12 Day Holiday Refresh Challenge Group) back on track with our healthy lifestyle goals. All of my challengers have since continued on his healthy lifestyle journey and has continued to lose weight, BMI, body fat percentage, and/or inches post 3 Day Refresh. (click the Testimonies tab up top). 3 Day Refresh also helped me to understand the amount of fiber I actually needed in my intake, helped tremendously with regularity (although day 2 I felt bloated and constipated-thanks IBS),  and it introduced me to  veggies and fruits that I now routinely eat more of (green beans, grape tomatoes, blueberries).  I have also incorporated days where I don’t eat meat in my routine intake as I am now confident that I can do that.


My results post 3-Day Refresh (see before photos below)

I believe that everyone could benefit from a 3-Day Refresh. This product has helped some people get back on track of a healthy lifestyle, lose some quick inches and pounds (which I wouldn’t recommend losing quickly otherwise), detox post some increased indulging, and also break some unhealthy nutritional intake habits.

Check out this video below:

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What is 21 Day Fix?


So you’ve heard of some popular at home fitness program names like Insanity, P90X, and 21 Day Fix?  I personally have tried the following Beachbody fitness programs: Shaun T’s workouts (Shout out to my fellow Rowan University Alum) including Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, and Focus T25.  I have also tried Brazilian Butt Lift and P90X. Studies show that most people who purchase an at home fitness program have a difficult time completing it if they do not have a personal coach or are not a part of a challenge group guiding them for support and accountability. When I first tried some of these programs I did not have a personal coach and was one of those people who started a program but didn’t complete it. Since becoming a wellness coach, and partnering my business with Beachbody as a Beachbody coach I have completed several rounds of 21 Day Fix Extreme.

21 Day Fix:

21 Day Fix is a Beachbody ( ) 3-week fitness and nutrition program. However, 21 Day Fix is like no other Beachbody fitness program.

21 Day Fix was designed by Autumn Calabrese who is a personal trainer and nutrition expert with an amazing and inspiring story. See here:


Autumn and the makers of Beachbody fitness programs along expert nutritionists designed 21 Day Fix to allow consumers to focus on their nutrition just as much as their fitness. I”m sure you have heard the saying that, “abs are made in the kitchen” right? While most Beachbody fitness programs have in the past provided consumers with some kind of nutrition guide or suggested recipes, it was the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan and Autumn’s Fixate nutritional guide that paved the way for other Beachbody fitness programs. Most Beachbody fitness programs now come with the color coded portion control tupperware provided with purchase of 21 Day Fix/21 Day Fix Extreme (a more advance version of the first edition). #21dfx (official hashtag) comes with color coded tupperware that allows you to portion control your meals. The various colors represents your allowed intake portion of macronutrients or micronutrients (Good Carbs, healthy fats, proteins, veggies, fruits, seeds, dressings, and oils) which are essential to your nourishment and daily intake.  Each tupperware is sized precisely to serving amounts per meal. Based on your calculations in the nutrition plan provided, you are allowed a certain number of servings per color coded tupperware per meal/day. Now, I know what you’re thinking; calculations? servings? colors? numbers? ugh… Listen, it’s not as hard as it sounds. It’s very simple! There is no obsessive calorie counting or point counting system. Despite popular belief the deceiving little sized tupperware containers actually hold more than you think.


See below demonstration of my lettuce wrap ground turkey tacos (recipe found in 21 Day Fix Extreme guide).

This is not a restrictive eating plan. This is not a diet.  As with any workout/nutrition regimen, your intake is crucial to your progress, so of course no junk food or unhealthy foods allowed.


I have personally completed 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix Extreme. Rounds = one 3 week (21 day) cycle of the program.  I have never felt hungry or starved on this program and I have definitely seen results. I especially seen results when completing this post the holidays or vacations. Most of my clients while completing this program state that they too, find it hard at times to complete all of the recommended tupperwares allotted so they are surprised by the amount of food intake required. This only tells me that prior to the program, they likely were not adequately fueling their bodies. Furthermore, Autumn, provides fellow competitors with options to follow a different nutritional plan to get ready for competition day. This program is great for the beginner and advanced.

21 Day Fix is a great program to have around the house. Whenever you feel like you have fallen off track of your fitness goals, you can pop in a DVD (or stream it via Beachbody OnDemand)  and complete one of the 30 min workouts that is sure to leave you sore for the next few days. 21 Day Fix is also a great program for those who are struggling with getting to the gym due to family obligations or the weather. You can complete 1 round of this in no time! Most people complete more than 1 round for increased results and also pair it with Shakeology for optimal results. 21 Day Fix is also a great program for those who are wishing to find out the basics of “clean eating” and understanding that foods don’t have to be boring or bland in order for them to be healthy. I highly recommend 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme. 21 Day Fix Extreme incorporates weights and a lot more resistant band circuits than the normal 21 Day Fix. I recommend the extreme version for those wishing to challenge themselves and those of you who are a bit more advanced.


Autumn is great at bringing the right energy into your living room! She’s always excited about “leg day”, and provides you with motivational quotes and humor to get you through the workouts. The workouts are a variety of circuits including body weight strength and conditioning, high intensity interval training, cardio, and even a little bit of yoga. If you would like more information on this or wish to purchase please visit -click the shop tab, then click fitness programs, and then search for 21 Day Fix. For the challenge pack, click the Beachbody Challenge tab (next to shop tab), click Take the Challenge, and then find 21 Day Fix. If you are interested in participating in an upcoming accountability and support challenge on this fitness program or any of my personal programs-contact me.


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