Professional Biography

headshotIris takes pride in showing the world that positivity is produced from Camden, New Jersey. After witnessing droves of classmates, friends, and family members’ lives get taken away by the harsh reality of the streets. Iris decided to break the mold. When growing up, personal wellness was not encouraged; Iris had no trace of athleticism and she grew up on the “bodega diet”: typical Puerto Rican food and indulgences from the local corner store. Despite the odds to stay complacent, Iris was able to focus on her education and became the 2nd in her family to graduate high school, the first to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Rowan University in 2011, and the first to receive a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Widener University in 2014.

After realizing how uncomfortable she was with her personal self-care, post undergrad, Iris decided change was needed. Iris was able to incorporate healthy habits into her lifestyle that she has since been able to maintain. With a passion for helping people, a new-found love for holistic health and self-care, the knowledge of human behavior and behavior changes, and personal experience, Iris was overcome with the need to empower others to live a life of wellness. As a mental health professional and now certified wellness coach she founded  Find Your Will Wellness.

Within Find Your Will Wellness, Iris has created and facilitated various online wellness program and challenge groups in which she utilizes her social work and psychology background to provide intimate coaching to help clients incorporate healthy living : mind and body. As an advocate for physical activity, proper nutrition, and mental health including mindfulness-based stress reduction, Iris coaches her clients to flourish into better versions of themselves. Iris firmly believes that change begins in your mind, but understands that the methods to accomplish change is individually based. 

Outside of coaching, Iris is a local licensed social worker. Iris spreads her motto among her community by speaking at local engagements including high school students on various wellness topics including self-esteem, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, and mindfulness meditation. In her spare-time she enjoys reading and watching documentaries for self-development, working out, meditating, traveling, community service, and hanging out with family and friends.

(Written by Tanya Heath )