My Story


Hello, my name is Iris, and once upon a time, I struggled with making healthy choices, working out, and overall self-care. I have always been referred to as “thick” and “chubby” and it never really bothered me, as I have always been confident internally! I was never athletic or involved in sports growing up, those things were not encouraged where I come from. I had very poor eating habits and an extremely sedative lifestyle! About 3 years ago, I started to realize that I was becoming “thicker” and “chubbier”. Now- I am short, so this, to me, was very concerning. Putting on clothes and shopping became uncomfortable, going up stairs became uncomfortable, and I couldn’t even keep up with my nephews while playing at the park! I was fed up with feeling uncomfortable in my own skin! I decided change was needed! I had tried “diets” but my results were only temporary. I don’t believe in diets because they are just that-temporary fixes. I believe in replacing negative habits with long lasting healthy habits. I began walking at the local park and doing at-home workouts and fitness programs through and also found workout videos online. By researching, I began to incorporate clean eating habits into my lifestyle. Walking eventually turned into jogging and jogging turned into dare I say it, running!


I found a love for fitness, nutrition, running, yoga, personal development, and meditation! Eventually, I was completing and writing workout circuits on my own,  going to the gym, clean eating, and I became eager to try local workout challenges and classes to add to my routine including spin class, boot-camp classes, boxing, and I even just completed the 2016 Broad Street Run!  This literally became my lifestyle-putting in work in the gym AND in the kitchen!


It took a while for me to manage, but where there’s a will, there’s ALWAYS a way! (I have this tattooed ha!) I have found my passion in physical, spiritual, and mental health, and overall wellness. I decided to make a career change and become a  personal wellness, nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness meditation coach and consultant! As a mental health professional with a Master’s in Social Work, Bachelor’s in Psychology, and a Certification in Wellness Coaching, I understand how change truly begins in YOUR mind!! I have a passion for helping others and am eager to help you set and attain your personal holistic wellness goals. I believe my mission is to help others live healthier, happier, and holistic lives! Yes, it is possible!  I found my will and I look forward to helping you find yours!!

Shoot me an email:, let’s start on your goals today! 


Keep a positive cognitive.