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Wellness Consult

30 minute Wellness Consultation (via phone of video chat) 

During this consult we will review your current wellness goals and coordinate action steps to take towards your goals. I will utilize the 8 components of wellness to assess your holistic wellness needs.


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Fit Minded Program

Three Week Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindfulness Program

  • Complementary 30 minute Wellness Consultation (via phone of video chat)
  • Subscription to The Well Log Wellness Blog
  • On Going one-on-0ne Wellness Coaching & Guidance: including email, video chat, phone call, social media, text message.
  • Nutritional Guidance with sample meal plan
  • Grocery Guide
  • Physical fitness guidance with access to exclusive exercise videos & written circuits via email
  • Mindfulness Mediation guidance and tips
  • Mental health consult, guidance, and resources
  • Daily motivation & wellness tips via email
  • Access to the private/closed Find My Will Facebook Wellness Support Group (coming soon)


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FREE 5 Day Mind Over Matter Online Wellness Challenge



#21DaysWell-April 2016  Challenge

Fitness, Nutrition, & Mindfulness Program

21 Days of Wellness Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindfulness online wellness program is a program designed to help kick start or increase the quality of your health & wellness journey. Whether you want to increase your physical activity, learn about clean eating, or learn the basics of mindfulness meditation/deep breathing: you are sure to get that through this program. This program is designed for the beginner who has been putting off a healthy lifestyle/change and also for the person just needing a change in their normal routine or wellness regimen, or for that person looking to simply get back on track. I will provide you with

      • Wellness coaching (by yours truly)
      • workout circuits (written/video)
      • nutritional coaching with a bonus grocery list for you to use post the program
      • a sample meal plan
      • a nutrition guide with recipes
      • mindfulness meditation information, tips, and techniques (written/video)
      • Deep breathing techniques (video)
      • Meet like-minded individuals who will serve as your support system  and accountability buddies
      • Receive daily wellness tips and motivation tailored to you

I hope through this program you will feel empowered and you will gain the knowledge needed to embark or continue towards your path of a healthy lifestyle-not a DIET!

Change begins in your mind!

Let’s find your will via 21 Days of Wellness!


#21DaysWell March 2016  challenge 


Well U. College Student Wellness Program-2.28.16-3.6.16


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      • 21 Day Fix Extreme Nov. 2016 Challenge
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